Hot Air Balloon Rides

Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience!

To make your adventure more enjoyable, these balloon ride FAQs explain what you can expect before, during, and after your balloon ride

How long does a Ride take


Plan on about 2 hours: From the start of inflation of the Balloon, launch, flight, landing, pack up and return to airport. Flight time varies on weather conditions. Generally, flights are 30 to 60 minutes. Heat, winds and landing areas affect the length of time you are in the air.

What if flight is cancelled

If a flight is cancelled, your ride fee will be refunded. If you paid for the ride with a credit card, you will need the same card to receive the refund. We cannot refund to a different card.

Can children take a ride


The minimum age is 10 years old and must be accompanied by a parent.


What should I wear


We encourage riders wear tennis shoes and all cotton outer wear. Nothing nylon or polyester.

How many people can fly in the same basket

All baskets have a maximum capacity of passengers allowed using a weight (payload) limit defined by the balloon manufacturer. Basket sizes commonly registered for the event usually accommodate between 1 and 5 passengers depending on the above stated limits.

Where can I purchase flights

Flights can be purchased at the Festival grounds, Balloon Ride Tent. They can be pre purchased prior to August 15 by completing the form on our website. See “Fly with us” on left column of website.

What/Who determines if a flight will occur

The NYSFOB is considered by The Federal Aviation Administration as an Airshow and dictates parameters for safe flights. Though numerous technical factors apply, weather is the primary one deciding a launch. Winds must be under 8 knots and NO storm activity within 45 miles at launch time. Morning launches occur just after sunrise and all evening flights must be on the ground by sunset. Our Balloonmeister is the FAA official with sole authority to authorize a GO/NO GO flight.

Why is the fly/no fly determination so close to scheduled launch time

Ballooning is a 100% weather conditional sport. Our pilots come here and truly want to fly for the benefit of the NYSFOB. They will wait until the last possible timing opportunity to launch their balloons, so long as the conditions are safe for person and aircraft. The only flights that will occur are those with SAFETY considerations established as the top priority.